Our company specializes in the development of highly innovative functional nutrition products for human health. The ingredients we use in all of our products comply with the highest standards of international quality and their efficacy is backed by scientific research.

Moreover, our formulations are carefully designed to improve our consumers well-being, health and beauty, and to promote healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition that make them feel young and vital

Our products are made with high-tech processes that preserve their nutritional properties as well as the concentration of the active ingredients.
Our products have been designed with unique and innovative formulas that are based on scienti c evidence, which ensures the recommended doses in each product are used to maximize their e ectiveness
Using a sachet allows us to preserve all the properties of each product, ensuring its quality in every shot. Additionally, one sachet contains the recommended daily dosage for each product, and you can take it with you anywhere.
Dr. David Granada
Scientific Director
Arum – Innovation in nutrition