combining nature and science for the health of your skin 

As we age, our skin deteriorates just as our organs and body systems do. For this reason LOSANIKA has made it its mission to focus on transdermal phytoactive ingredients derived from plants and link them using the latest biotechnological complexes to create “sui generis” (of its own kind) combinations in order to combat and target signs of aging that progress with time:  wrinkles, dark spots, cellulite, etc. Our formulations are designed to cross the stratum corneum and penetrate the deepest layers of our skin. LOSANIKA’S purity and stability are essential to avoiding unwanted ion concentrations and ruling out the use of aggressive chemicals that are harmful to the skin nor environmentally friendly. 

  • Natural origin.
  • Products containing bio-actives that promote health and skincare using biological interaction.
  • Plant extracts are products concentrated in the active ingredients of plants which is what makes them highly effective cosmetics when applied to the skin.