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Let me start this review by saying that i can just cry with happiness. This review is going to sound a little gross but when you’re dealing with hormonal acne it can get a little gross no matter how clean you are. I have never dealt with any issues of this skin until i was diagnosed with PCOS.  My skin broke out in so many cysts and i tried everything and anything. TRETINOIN just made my skin worse and it felt so rough and lumpy and my cheeks were extremely red and irritated. I finally was recommended to Catalina ( THANK THE LORD) and i could not believe that she was the only person who was able to drain out all the infection from my cysts. I went in with about 11 CYSTS!! and came out with NONE!! are you kidding me? Of course it hurt like a bihhhh but it was because of this infection and not because she wasnt gentle because she is. She was way more gentle then this other lady i was using. Which by the way was way more expensive and never touched my cysts and used a bunch of chemical which irritated me way more. Catalina uses organic products ONLY!! During the treatment i was given headphones with very relaxing music that made me feel at ease. The entire staff was so sweet to me and comforted me and gave me HOPE that i would be beautiful again. its 24 hrs since the treatment and my skin is looking sooooo much better. I saw a difference from the moment i walked out. I would only use her products and her services from now on. If you are thinking about saving your skin please come here before a doctor try to give you ACCUTANE or any products that are not good for the skin. My advice is heal yourself internally and she will take care of the skin externally. NO DAIRY NO SUGAR NO GLUTEN and only organic and grassfed meat.  Anywho :::: CATALINA, ANDREA, GRACE are amazing. I am so lucky to have come to this place. Read lessBest Regards.

Jennifer E. Oakland Gardens, NY, Theme Fusion

So this was my first facial in a very longgg time. I don’t have an acne prone skin but lately I have been getting few around my chin area and this got me worrying. So I found this gem that had very good reviews on Google and Yelp so I figured I will give it a shot. After conversing with Catalina we went for Herbal detox peel and an oxygen mask. The facial was amazing and after the facial and extrating all those gunk out my face my skin just felt super squeaky clean.Catalina explained as what I should be expecting in few days. She said my skin will start to peel which is nomal and try to put SPF. My facial was great and felt cleaner. I will be going back again in 6-8 weeks again.
P.S. I am not quiet sure if they take walk-in but I think it’s better to make an appointment in advance since each massages are more than an hour.

Amy G. New York, NY

Grace did an amazing job when I came in for facial. Called in for a same day appointment and glad she had one. Grace is very sweet and knowledgeable beautician , she helped me pick a right facial routine analyzing my skin type and it needs . Started off with a simple one herbal detox I felt light and glowing afterwards. 
She also gave me complimentary coffee scrub that smells amazing. Will definitely come back!

Mavzuna B. Brooklyn, NY


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