We fuse science and nature for optimal skincare solutions. Losánika Natural Biocosmetics, with its cutting-edge technological standards dedicated to skin health, employs the strategy of transdermal phytoactives in the form of highly penetrating biotherapeutic micromolecules, ideal for aesthetic treatments for both facial and body care.

Skin Microbiota

The skin, our body’s largest organ, is a thriving habitat for bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses collectively known as the Skin Microbiota. This intricate ecosystem can host up to a million microorganisms per cm², with its microbial composition continually evolving throughout life, influenced by the skin’s environmental conditions (water, pH, lipids, proteins) and external factors (temperature, sun exposure).
Losanika has pioneered products featuring active ingredients that nurture and preserve the skin microbiota, addressing a contemporary necessity. Our approach involves two key strategies:

Protective Embrace: Our primary strategy, enriched with natural ingredients, aims to protect and foster the harmonious development of the skin’s ecosystem. Our products with plant-based actives fortify the skin barrier, shielding the commensal flora from environmental factors that might adversely impact bacterial health.

Promotion of Innate Defenses: Our secondary strategy actively amplifies innate defenses against opportunistic pathogens at both the microbiota and skin cell levels. This comprehensive approach ensures a balanced and resilient skin microbiota for overall skin health.

Nathalie Mendez
Medical Surgeon
Santiago de Cali University
Medical Director at Losanika Laboratories