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 What Should My Facial Cleansing Routine Be Between Ages 20 and 40? 

At this stage of life, the priority for skin care is hydration. While after 40 the skin needs restoration, between 20 and 40 it is crucial to maintain good hydration levels and, in some cases, regulate sebum production. 

Skin with a Tendency to Develop Comedones or High Sebum Production 

If your skin tends to develop comedones or produces a lot of sebum, I recommend: 

  1. Moisturizing Rinse-OffCleanser with Aloe Vera, Honey, and Essential Oils: Use a cleanser that keeps your skin hydrated without leaving greasy residues. 
  2. Coffee, Aloe, and Honey Exfoliant: Exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores. 
  3. Aloe Skin Defense Biogel: Use products specifically for oily skin that nourish without clogging pores. 
  4. BB O’Skin SPF 30: Always finish your routine with an appropriate sunscreen that protects and provides nutrients.