• Milk Cleanser – 4.2 Oz


    This ultimate milk cleanser removes daily dirt and make up while providing antibacterial action and repair the skin from free radicals. Provided by Propolis (resinous mixture collected by honeybees) . It's composition rich in honey provides many of the nutrients and trace elements essential to maintain active mechanisms for attracting and retaining moisture. The Milk preserves the pH of the skin and avoids the losse of moisture. It also contains a perfect combination of enzymes to nourish the skin. Recommended for normal, dry and sensative skin to create a radiant and younger looking skin. Active Ingredients: Milk, Honey, Propolis extract

  • • Bio Acti-white serum presents an innovative mechanism different from traditional skin brightening agents due to the synergistic activity of its Bio active ingredients that help to fade the appearance of dark spots, age spots, that unifies and brighten skin tone on face and body. Also incorporated in its formula is a special compound AH care lactic acid +arginine that help recover the skins microbiota and enhances the brightening renewing effect.


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