• Quality, safety, and results.

    Design for the aesthetic field, meeting safety, quality, and results requirements. With its 3 Mhz frequency and penetration depth of 35mm, according to tissue’s density, the device focuses its effects in the subcutaneous tissue making the N 1203® one of the most used equipments for the aesthetic field.The device produces mechanical vibrations which generate therapeutic changes on functionally altered tissues, enhancing its visualization, blemishes, and condition.
  • With “ID” system. Exclusive by Noto® Nº1 IN PROFESSIONAL ELECTROPORATION

    The first device created, manufactured, and developed in Argentina for CAPILLARY applications. Thanks to this feature, N 1500-C® is unique, granting professionals the possibility of achieving the expected results by incorporating active ingredients – nano-lipids or liposome based with higher density and molecular size – to the hair follicle allowing non-invasive capillary procedures.

    With “ID” system. Exclusive by Noto®. NOTO® developed N 1800®, a device with two highly compatible therapies and excellent results. N 1800® Microdermabrasion (MDA) delivers maximum skin’s exfoliation quality and results. MDA prepares exfoliated surface for Electroporation, with previous selection of the adequate drug or dermocosmetic ingredient.Electroporation is indicated for introducing medical or cosmetic cocktails transcutaneously. The N 1800® micro-currents are biphasic (faradic), the only pulsed currents compatible with effective ingredients incorporation.
  • Noto® gathered TRIMAX® and CAV 47® main features, creating a brand-new equipment on delivering benefits and results…the TRICAV®.

    After destruction of the adipocytes produced by cavitation, radiofrequency augments peripheral circulation on the application zone, improving skin’s quality and body outline.Simultaneous combination of these two techniques, applied separately, allows the elimination of localized adiposity, enhances a renewed skin, and a youth aspect from the first session.TRICAV® enables body contouring, reinforces collagen and elastine fiber stimulation, and improves cellulite aspect.TRICAV® increases effectiveness and reliability levels, establishing a new body & skin care standard.


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