From freezing temperatures to sudden warm Spring air, it is important to start making slight changes in our home skincare routine to prepare for the extreme temperatures that the upcoming summer months will bring us.

  • contains Cardamom, Tumeric,
    Peppermint, Orange and Chamomile.

    Ideal for: post-op treatments, relaxation, reflexology..etc.

  • Peel-off mask. Purifying. Oil controlling.   A biotech complex of amino acids, B vitamins, zinc salts, yeast extract, calendula and horsetail. Improves oily skin structure and forms a flexible film to dissolves excess hardened fat. Effectively removes impurities and blackheads.
  • contains Lippia Alba,
    Cymbopogon, Citrus, Spearmint,
    Coconut oil, Olive oil and Sesame oil.
    Ideal for: relaxation, anti-stress.
  • This ultimate milk cleanser removes daily dirt and make up while providing antibacterial action and repair the skin from free radicals. Provided by Propolis (resinous mixture collected by honeybees) . It's composition rich in honey provides many of the nutrients and trace elements essential to maintain active mechanisms for attracting and retaining moisture. The Milk preserves the pH of the skin and avoids the losse of moisture. It also contains a perfect combination of enzymes to nourish the skin. Recommended for normal, dry and sensative skin to create a radiant and younger looking skin. Active Ingredients: Milk, Honey, Propolis extract
  • Contains Lactolan (high perfomance milk protein) which reinforces the protective barrier of the skin, improves elasticity, softens and conditions while reducing the signs of aging with calming effects. Non-irritating.   Contains Chamomile and oats.
  • Carnitine and essential oils help slim, tone and energize the skin through massage. Blend of phytoactives present in the botanical extracts of Coffee, Aji and Guarana help facilitate microcirculation and purify "orange peel" skin. Blended with vegetable oils of: coconut, cotton and palm - extra nutritious and antioxidant. Soothing for the skin. *** Recommended for pre & post-op treatments.
  • Revitalizing and illuminator. Ideal for all skin types. Pro vitamin-C, B5: Age Defying antioxidant, active collagen, slows down premature aging. Natural Honey: Hydrating, moisturizing and revitalizing - restores elasticity and firmness.    
  • contains Cinnamon, Cloves,
    Peppermint, Orange,
    Coconut oil, Olive oil and Sesame oil.
    Ideal for: pre & post-op treatments; body contouring massages, cellulite, reflexology..etc.
  • Exfoliating Coffee Scrub with Aloe Vera & Honey

    A soft scrub that stimulates the epidermal renewal with a refined action for intensive aesthetic treatments.
  • This formulation rich in botanical extracts balances and calms the surface of the skin, helping to refine pores while removing dead skin cells, and adding beneficial nutrients to the skin.
  • Multifunctional fruit acid based formula that illuminates and improves skin texture. Fruit acid primer AHA %10, is based on a mixture of fruit acids - malic (apple), tartaric (grape), glycolic (sugar cane), lactic acid (sour milk) that stimulate hydro-retention, improve skin tone, firmness and comfort making it ideal for dry/dehydrated skin. *** Recommended to achieve rapid and visible results in treatments for acne, uneven skin tone and anti-age.
  • A unique gel used as a conditioner, astrigent and descogestant. Allows the skin to calm excess oil caused by overproduction of sebum. Recommended for Acne skin, combats redness.   Contains essential oils & primasponges.