• A unique gel used as a conditioner, astrigent and descogestant. Allows the skin to calm excess oil caused by overproduction of sebum. Recommended for Acne skin, combats redness.   Contains essential oils & primasponges.

  • Multifunctional fruit acid based formula that illuminates and improves skin texture. Fruit acid primer AHA %10, is based on a mixture of fruit acids - malic (apple), tartaric (grape), glycolic (sugar cane), lactic acid (sour milk) that stimulate hydro-retention, improve skin tone, firmness and comfort making it ideal for dry/dehydrated skin. *** Recommended to achieve rapid and visible results in treatments for acne, uneven skin tone and anti-age.

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    Perfecting Cica-Serum , with a light, fresh and extra-moisturizing texture. It combines an amino acids complex , vectorized CE vitamins and CENTELLA ASIATICA extract (CICA), sooths the skin , helps recover and maintain the skin barrier that's responsible for the natural defense system. It favors the increase of AQUAPORINS, proteins responsible for channeling water through the epidermis, multiplying the hydration and filling capacity of HYAULORIC ACID , generating immediate and long-term results in the treatment of acne scars , sensitive skin , dehydrated skin, reduction of deep wrinkles and expression lines.

  • This gentle and effective rinse cleanser made with botanical extracts is designed for cleaning, soothing, and calming the oily and prone to acne skin.The essential oils of lemon & lime easily help dissolve excess of oil in the skin. Gives tonified action refreshes and relaxes the skin. It's composition rich in honey and essential oils provides many of the nutrients and trace elements essential to maintaining active nourishing and moisturize retention while recovering the natural acid mantle of the skin. Active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Honey, Lemongrass, Lemon, Bixa Orellana, Cymbopogon , Essential Oils.

  • Anti-aging. Firming. Redensifying. Formulated with botanical anti-enzyme complex, amino acids, botanical soy, calendula and cucumber extracts. Helps retain firmness, elasticity and redefine facial contours. Helps decrease negative environmental aggressions. Minimizes deterioration of collagen and elastin providing a strong anti-aging effect.

  • Milk Cleanser – 4.2 Oz


    This ultimate milk cleanser removes daily dirt and make up while providing antibacterial action and repair the skin from free radicals. Provided by Propolis (resinous mixture collected by honeybees) . It's composition rich in honey provides many of the nutrients and trace elements essential to maintain active mechanisms for attracting and retaining moisture. The Milk preserves the pH of the skin and avoids the losse of moisture. It also contains a perfect combination of enzymes to nourish the skin. Recommended for normal, dry and sensative skin to create a radiant and younger looking skin. Active Ingredients: Milk, Honey, Propolis extract

  • • Bio Acti-white serum presents an innovative mechanism different from traditional skin brightening agents due to the synergistic activity of its Bio active ingredients that help to fade the appearance of dark spots, age spots, that unifies and brighten skin tone on face and body. Also incorporated in its formula is a special compound AH care lactic acid +arginine that help recover the skins microbiota and enhances the brightening renewing effect.

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    Light texture easily absorbed and a intensive final care effect. Contains DMAE "Vegetable Botox" and MSM that help tone , firm and elasticize the skin to recover the facial contour. It synergizes the protective and antioxidants effect of the UVCE complex and Niacinamide (B3). With the lipid-moisturizing power of Buriti botanical oil and shea butter. its daily use counteracts oxidative stress caused by the sun and adverse environmental factors , helps to even out skin tone and prevents premature aging.

  • Contains a biotech complex of amino acids, B vitamins, zinc salts, yeast extract, calendula and horsetail. Improves oily skin structure and forms a flexible film that dissolves excess hardened fat. Effectively removes impurities, blackheads and refines and reduces the size of the pores.

  • Contains LACTOLAN (milk protein, high performance), which reinforces the protective barrier of the skin, improves elasticity, nourishes, soften, conditions. Reduces signs of aging. Contains anasensyl, biotechnology complex that decreases skin sensitivity to provide a calming an anti-irritating effect.
  • Green juice powdered drink mix Arum Fresh 7.4 oz Net Wt 21 sachet 0.35 oz
    contains bioactive collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, and specific vitamins for the skin. Clinical studies have shown that Bioactive Collagen Peptides present in Arum Life are able to restore the dermal matrix, reducing wrinkles and expression lines by 30% after four to eight weeks of consumption. Furthermore, it strengthens the nails (40% less chance of fractures and 15% more growth) and improves the appearance and nutrition of the hair
    Indications: The recovery of aged skin, deep expression lines, cellulite, brittle nails, and malnourished hair, as a complement to body or facial aesthetic therapy and to improve scar tissue
  • Golden milk with turmeric powdered drink mix Arum Drs 10.6 Net Wt 30 Sachet 0.35 oz Contains Bioactive Peptides of Collagen, magnesium, zinc and vitamins C and D. Bioactive Collagen Peptides have demonstrated a regenerative effect on tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, bones, and muscles, improving the life quality for consumers through pain reduction, strengthening of musculoskeletal tissues, reduced stiness, and increased flexibility. Indications:Conditions including joint pain, osteoarticular injuries, arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, myalgias in general, stiness, loss of mobility, and strengthening of joints and muscles.
  • Formulated with hyluronic acid, coenzymes (CoQ10) and essential extracts from ginger and calendula. BB O`Skin SPF 30 medium -weight for face and neck provides broad spectrum protection, a powerful hydration for mature and dry skin types. Added antioxidants will protect against free radical damage. * REEF SAFE FORMULA
  • Green juice powdered drink mix Arum Fresh 7.4 oz Net Wt 21 sachet 0.35 oz combines antioxidants, FIbers, freeze-dried vegetables and fruits with vitamins and minerals that promote depuration of toxins and the reduction of oxidative processes in the body Indications: Ideal for people who want to perform a detoxification prior to undergoing any type of medical or aesthetic procedure, weight control strategies, gastrointestinal problems, metabolic disorders, or chronic inflammation of the colon
  • This innovative moisturizing and nourishing gel combined with Aloe and Calendula gives the skin an instant lifting effect helping to regenerate and balance the epidermis while combating aging and premature spots. The botanical complex of Ginseng and Marigold helps protect the skin, restore its freshness and minimize the appearance of tired skin. Formulated blend of natural oil (argan, linum seed) and Ginseng help reinforce the lipid layers of the skin by moisturizing and maintaining its healthy look.

    • Intelligent renewing dual peel banana mango rich in antioxidants, restorative lipids, fruit extract containing polyphenols, and organic acids that is united with vita c smart molecules. This exclusive formula allows biological exfoliation and helps promote skin re-densification by increasing the volume of facial fatty tissue(lipogenesis). Helps restore skins external barrier while potently treating wrinkles, fine lines, flaccid skin and tone.
  • Carnitine and essential oils help slim, tone and energize the skin through massage. Blend of phytoactives present in the botanical extracts of Coffee, Aji and Guarana help facilitate microcirculation and purify "orange peel" skin. Blended with vegetable oils of: coconut, cotton and palm - extra nutritious and antioxidant. Soothing for the skin. *** Recommended for pre & post-op treatments.

  • Contains Cardamom, Tumeric,
    Peppermint, Orange and Chamomile.

    Ideal for: post-op treatments, relaxation, reflexology..etc.

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    Help increase microcirculation and stimulate cell renewal , cleans and opens the pores especially for acne problems areas. Works on pigmented areas such as elbows, knees or armpits matching. skin tone

  • Contains Cinnamon, Cloves, Peppermint, Orange, Coconut oil, Olive oil and Sesame oil.
    Ideal for: pre & post-op treatments; body contouring massages, cellulite, reflexology..etc.


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